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April 29, 2007
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Stone Fairy by bear48 Stone Fairy by bear48
Stone Fairy

Once there was a beautiful fairy maiden living in the land of her father, the chief of his clan. She fell in love with a young fairy poet from a neighboring clan.

Because this young fairy was no warrior the maidenís father forbid them marriage. But the lovers would have none of this and one night under the full moon they ran away.

Enraged by this the great chief sent his five warrior sons to kill the young poet and retrieve their sister. The brothers five caught up to the lovers as the two where trying to climb the cliffs that separated the two clans. Two of the brothers easily beat the lovers to the top while the other three harried them from behind.

When the poet reach the top he tried to protect his love, but the brothers caught him up and cast him from the precipice. The poet fell silently to his death below.

When the maiden attained the top and saw what her own brother had done she railed against them. So great was her physical attack on her brothers that they ran away in fear of her.

The maiden would not return to her family who had done this awful deed. And she was afraid to go to her loves clan because she could not tell his father what her father had done so she dropped to her knees and wept. She cried so long and so very hard that she turned to stone there on the cliff top.

In time the two great clans faded away but the stone fairy still remains on the cliff that once divided the two lands.

This took me about Three months of off and on work to do. The photo references I used to do my pencil drawings where all shot by me. The model is a friend of mine. And the story we wrote together before we started working on this.

Done completely in Illustrator from pencil drawings

I hope you like it.

I would welcome serious critique of this piece.
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YourFavoriteRussian Feb 7, 2014   Traditional Artist
bear48 Feb 7, 2014  Professional
thank you so much

I love telling a story when I draw 
YourFavoriteRussian Feb 7, 2014   Traditional Artist
Yeah, the story was a good one!
bear48 Feb 8, 2014  Professional
beautiful work!
bear48 Jan 23, 2014  Professional
thank you
absolutely awesome color and light
bear48 Oct 10, 2013  Professional
of my own work this is still one of my favorites from my digital days
While I absolutely LOVE the details on the stonework, I think it would be a more powerfully composed image to have her in the bottom left instead of the top right. I feel the space would make it feel like there is more weight of the world around her. I seriously absolutely love the texture going on in the rocks though, they're like a jackson pollock of vector work. Solid stuff
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